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Authors > Abdul Basit
Realistic and compelling textures bring video games to life. Learn to create textures and add color, reflectivity, and other surface detail to your games with Autodesk Maya, Mudbox, and Adobe Photoshop. Author Adam Crespi shares techniques ranging from painting with photo references to modeling and rendering
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  • Maya Essentials 5: Animation Tools

    Focuses on the basics of animating in Maya, including setting keyframes, working with animation editors, and automating animation with constraints and simple rigs.
    Abdul Basit 13:00:00 Beginner
  • AutoCAD WS Essential Training

    Covers the basics of AutoCAD WS, focusing on workflows and collaboration that will help you and your team work more efficiently with this cloud-based CAD application.
    Abdul Basit 05:06:00 Advance